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21Mar 2018
Mar 21, 2018

There’s a first time for everything – Parents Vianney and Jesus gave the PAL program a chance

FORT WORTH – On Saturday, February 11 parents enrolled in The Concilio’s Parents as Leaders (PAL) program attended as well as participated in a play which highlighted the educational views of many traditional Hispanic households. Over 15 families attended the play at Ella Mae Shamblee Branch Library in Fort Worth.

The play – role played by a group of parents in the PAL program – touched many parents personally and emotionally as they reflected on their behavior and attitudes when asked by their children for help with their homework. As a result of watching the play, parents Vianney and Jesus plan to make changes in their home to better help their children reach their full potential and succeed in school.

“I saw myself and my dad,” said Jesus. “It made me realize I’m doing the same role as my dad – always working and not taking care of my kids.”

Jesus works long hours and is unable to attend the PAL program but his wife, Vianney, attends the program and shares with him what the weekly sessions are about.

“Since the first day I went [to the PAL program] I never missed,” said Vianney. “I have learned about the change I can actually make [in my child’s education] and that I am not supposed to stay quiet about it.”

The children enjoy having their parents involved and want them to know what they’re doing in school and at home.

“I haven’t done many changes at home yet,” said Jesus. “After today’s play, I think I’m going to change and not play the same role as my dad. I was not aware of what I was doing until I saw it [in the play] and I said to myself ‘Wow, that is really me.’”

After starting the PAL program, Vianney and Jesus now want their children to graduate high school and continue onto higher education.

“I didn’t graduate high school,” said Vianney, “so I tell my kids ‘you got to do what I didn’t get to do.’”

Jesus wants his children to take bigger steps in their education than he did. He now sees the important role he plays in their future and wants to get more involved in his children’s education.

“Honestly, I don’t know if I can provide my children with money to go to school,” said Jesus. “But we want to stay in Fort Worth because [since we moved here three years ago] we have heard of programs that help you get scholarships, so that is the reason I am staying here. I just want to get some help just to get my kids started.”

Vianney and Jesus are parents to five children:  Victor (14), Kytzia (9), Giselle (8), Luis (6) and Amailani (4).

Vianney graduates from the PAL program in May at Morningside Children’s Partnership.

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