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30May 2018
May 30, 2018

A mother is determined to help her daughter live a healthy life

Reyna Valiente graduated from The Concilio’s Healthy Kids, Healthy Families (HKHF) program this spring at Carrollton Elementary School with one hope: To help her 8-year-old daughter, Maggy Valiente, live a long, healthy life. As a single mother, she feels a responsibility to teach her daughter to make wiser health choices.

“Since starting the program, I visited my doctor for a check-up and he told me I needed to do more exercise-at least four times per week,” Reyna said. “Luckily, the program has helped me learn how to exercise, and I plan to improve my health and continue losing weight by going to the park to walk.”

Reyna and her daughter completed the 9-week program with perfect attendance. Proud of her achievements, she is more motivated than ever before to continue her journey of living a healthy life after losing weight since starting the program.

“Although it may not be too noticeable, but since starting the program I lost five pounds,” Reyna said. “Before the program, I never realized how important nutrition is.”

One of the methods for success in the HKHF program is parent engagement. Parents learn to become a positive role model for their children starting at home.

Empowered to see changes in her family, Reyna also has seen her daughter make changes at home. Maggy now eats less chocolate and they spend more time together doing exercises out of the classroom.

“My favorite class was the physical activity lesson because we learned about the gym, the importance of working out with my daughter, and I enjoyed the conversations we had in class,” Reyna said. “Honestly, one knows how important it is to do exercise, but The Concilio showed me how to go about it through the various exercises taught in class.”

During the fifth week of the program, parents and children attend a cooking demonstration. At this session, Reyna and her daughter saw and participated in the demonstration as they learned about eating in portions, and learning new recipes they can do at home as a family.

“My daughter is only eight years old and is already eating well,” Reyna said. “The material that The Concilio gives us to take home, my daughter likes to read them and she learns to understand how candy can be unhealthy. Now she eats less of it.”

Not only is Reyna dedicated to improving her family’s health, but she also wants to prevent heart disease since it runs in her family. Her hope is for her and her daughter to avoid those type of diseases in the future by taking an early approach in their health and well-being.

Reyna’s completion of the program is only the beginning of her and her daughter’s health goals.

“Although during the second week of the program most of us women do not like to be measured or weighed, it helped push us to make changes in our lives,” Reyna said. “When I walked the stage at the HKHF graduation, I felt very, very good because it is a goal we accomplished.”

Thanks to the Metrocrest Hospital Authority, parents from Carrollton Elementary School, McWhorter Elementary School, and Farmers Branch Elementary School received the tools and resources to improve their health and their family’s through the Healthy Kids, Healthy Families 9-week program.

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