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Dear Friends,

The Greater Dallas region is growing, and so are the number and needs of low-income families. To address this pressing situation, we must provide families with the tools to be strong, healthy and self-sufficient.

This is the mission of The Concilio.

We know parents are our children’s first-line teachers. So, The Concilio is on the ground in area schools, teaching them to guide their children’s education and advocate on their behalf.

We know the foundation of a strong family is good health. So, The Concilio engages low-income families, showing them how to care for themselves, navigate the healthcare system and create healthy habits.

As the community’s needs are growing, so is The Concilio. We have served North Texas for 35 years and counting, but in the last 13 years we have grown exponentially. The Concilio once served one school district, and now we reach 17 school systems. We have grown from helping 2,000 families to 11,000. Our foundation is solid, and we are expanding our reach.

But there is so much more to be done. To create a strong community, we must work together to empower all its people – regardless of income level, color or neighborhood.

Join us. There is a place for you in our vision of creating stronger families and a stronger North Texas.


Florencia Velasco Fortner
President & CEO