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Tara Dunn, Vice President of Development

Friendly. Compassionate. Committed. These few words describe Tara Dunn to a T. When Tara says yes to a project, a cause, a goal, she means it. She’s all in.

That dedication paid off in spades for The Concilio when Tara came on board in 2006 as Director of Development. In fact, Tara’s belief in The Concilio’s mission is so strong, she wanted to get more closely involved with empowering families and moved into the role of Director of Education.

As a former fundraiser, she is naturally attuned to growing capacity and increasing impact. So, it’s no surprise that under her leadership, The Concilio’s education programs have expanded to 10 North Texas school districts. But, her most gratifying moment? Seeing a parent light up with excitement and pride as they see a child thrive as a result of parental involvement. For her, that’s her job’s biggest reward.