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Learn About Our Health Workshops

Healthy Kids, Healthy Families

A 9-week program generating lasting changes in health behavior for families and their children.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Families targets families who are at an increased risk for obesity. Together, parents and children learn the importance of:

  • - Increased physical activity
  • - Improved nutrition
  • - Modeling positive health behaviors

The interactive program includes:

  • - Fitness testing
  • - Group exercise
  • - Cooking demonstrations
  • - Support groups

All appointments and classes are available in English and Spanish.

To find a class near you, please call 214-818-0481. If you are interested in having this program made available in your church, school, or community center, please contact the Community Health department at

Do you want to help your family get in shape? Would you like new recipes for healthy meals?
Join our Comprando Rico Y Sano FREE health education workshop (charla) today!

Comprando Rico y Sano

Comprando Rico y Sano (CRS) is a healthy shopping nutrition education program!

Join a charla (small workshop) today, to learn more about nutrition and healthy food choices. Participants may also complete a fun grocery store tour to learn strategies for healthy shopping. CRS was created by the National Council of La Raza’s (NCLR) Institute for Hispanic Health.

Promotores de Salud and Community Health Workers

“Promotora” is the Spanish word for a female “promoter” and also refers to a community health worker ( CHW). The Concilio offers many opportunities for promotoras and CHW’s to teach health education classes.

To find out when our next promotora training will be held, contact our office at 214.818.0481 or email