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Parents Advocating for Student Excellence (PASE)
PASE includes the following curricula:


A 9-week curriculum for parents with children in elementary, middle and high school.

The curriculum improves academic achievement by teaching parents what their role and responsibilities are in their children’s education. Parents in our program:

  • Learn to successfully navigate and engage with the educational system
  • Gain confidence to discuss academics with teachers
  • Monitor grades and homework
  • Set high academic expectations, including goals for higher education

Parents As Leaders (PAL)

PAL is a 32-week curriculum developed for parents of Pre-Kindergarten level children.

PAL helps parents understand that they are the most important teacher, role model and leader in their child’s life. Parents gain the knowledge and tools to help their child develop speech and language skills and ultimately prepare their child for Kindergarten.


The Leadership Curriculum is an addition to any of the previous curricula.

It provides a forum where the new ideas that were introduced during the first curriculum can be put into practice.

Topics covered include:

  • Volunteering & Decision Making
  • Collaborating with the Community
  • Empathetic Communication

Participants also develop and execute a school-based volunteer project.