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Working together toward one goal – graduating from high school and continuing on to higher education.


Why Focus on Parents?

  • When we help parents take charge of their children’s education, we directly impact the kids.
  • Research indicates that student educational achievement is higher when parents are engaged. Parent engagement supersedes income, ethnicity and parent education level as predictors of educational attainment.
  • Schools report that despite invitations to parents to get involved, many parents are hesitant. Parents care about educational excellence but low socio-economic status, limited education and different cultural norms are barriers that can make it difficult for them to take an active role.

Parents Advocating for Student Excellence (PASE) helps families:

  • Feel comfortable in the school setting even when the parents may have not finished school themselves.
  • Gain a support system through the school and through one another.
  • Figure out the specific academic needs of each child.