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By offering a variety of culturally responsive programs, The Concilio aims to help the North Texas community succeed and thrive in their daily life.


Our evidence-based, culturally responsive programs are led by trusted facilitators, many of whom were once program participants. These dedicated team members build trust and meaningful relationships with families, so they can overcome barriers and build a better future for themselves and their children.

Education empowers the Latino community by giving the next generation the tools they need to succeed. We encourage and provide support for parental engagement inside and outside of the classroom. We offer ALL programs in English and Spanish.


The Concilio partners with schools, districts, and communities to help parents and their children thrive.

PASE is a 9-week program that shows parents how to navigate homework, paperwork, and other important subjects so they can take an active role in their child’s academic success. We’ve helped over 18,000 parents and 24,000 students become more engaged in their children’s education. Students with parents who graduated from the PASE program had a high school graduation rate of 90.2% – 7% higher than the Dallas County average. Best of all, 78% of the 90.2% of PASE students who graduated high school went on to further their education at the post-secondary level.

PASE sets families up for success. Classes are offered on-site for elementary, middle, and high school parents. In order to best serve all parents, we offer our program in both Spanish and English and offer both morning and evening sessions. At the end of the program, parents and their families participate in a graduation ceremony. When children see their parents graduate, it plants the seeds for a life-long love of education.

As immigrants, we hope to achieve the dream we have for our children and see them succeed in this country. The Concilio’s PASE program taught us the importance of being involved in our kid’s education. And we have seen our hard work pay off. Our oldest sons have graduated from high school with honors, and one received a full scholarship to attend The University of Texas at Arlington. Now we are attending PASE to learn more and help our youngest son succeed as well.

– Juana Rodriguez and Daniel Pardo


The 30-week PAL program sets the stage for children's academic success by providing parents with children ages 0-5 with the information, resources, and training needed to foster children's early literacy and reading abilities, social-emotional, language and motor skills.

The program builds the foundation for parents to become effective partners with teachers, the school, and the community throughout their children's academic careers.

Confidence and
the tools to be kindergarten ready.


Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors is the nation’s first evidence-based comprehensive training program developed by and for Latino parents with children ages 0-5.

It uses a two-generation approach that places parents in leadership roles as their child’s first teacher coupled with evidence-based practices to meet the needs of young children. At the core of its design is an educational philosophy known as Popular Education, developed by Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, a pedagogical approach that builds connections between everyday life experiences, larger social issues, and actions parents decide to take to yield positive outcomes for their families.

Free mini lessons in English and Spanish for parents of young children on topics including child development, technology, preparing for school and more. To access these lessons,

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