By offering a variety of culturally responsive programs, The Concilio aims to help the North Texas community succeed and thrive in their daily life.


Our goal is to increase cultural intelligence by providing data driven training, strategies and resources that build capacity in organizations that work with Latino and Hispanic populations. We train in culturally sensitive strategies and provide concrete resources to help non-Latinos engage in a respectful and productive way with Latinos, Hispanics and their communities.

We build capacity and advance Latino equity by Analyzing, Engaging, Advocating and Activating the DFW and North Texas communities, by:

Analyzing and aggregate data through primary and secondary research
Engaging the community through our State of Latino report
Advocating and training through our Cultural Competency Training and the Young Latino Professionals Network
Activating the community through our Think Tank Series and the Power of Latinos summit


We have an ongoing program to analyze and aggregate data surrounding current issues that affect the Latino/Hispanic community and the population The Concilio serves. Our goal is to position The Concilio as a data-driven thought leader and to expose areas that allow decision makers to better plan and address current and forecasted issues for the Latino/Hispanic community in DFW.


We offer training in Latino/Hispanic Cultural Competency for organizations that interact at any level with the Latino/Hispanic population, as a population being served, employed or marketed to. Our goal is to provide data-driven training, strategies and resources that build more culturally competent organizations and corporations, with a special focus on education, health, and corporate advancement.


This program provides a space for professional development, access to resources, and authentic and powerful connections for Young Latino Professionals in North Texas to support their professional growth. This network of young Latino professionals meets up for professional development and networking 5-7 times per year.


This Spring and Fall series held at The Concilio is an organized space for decision makers in the topics of Education, Health, and Wealth to discuss and ideate on topics affecting the Latino population in our region. Our goal is to convene stakeholders (target DEI) and drive conversations that lead to actions to move the needle in DFW and North Texas. We aim to establish The Concilio as a thought leader and cooperation convener.


This summit includes high profile speakers, and community activations to bring stakeholders together to learn, ideate and commit to the advancement of Latinos in DFW and North Texas. Our goal is to provide a space for public/private cooperation in North Texas through a data driven, action-oriented series of events and a framework to increase equity and advance Latinos in our region, and to establish The Concilio as a thought leader and cooperation convener. This summit takes place once a year.

If you are interested in Latino Cultural Competency for yourself or your Organization, reach out to Adriana De Urquidi [email protected] to schedule a training.

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